Indigo blue is all about a girl called Indie who loves to daydream. Daydreaming never lets her down because in her dreams she gets to be in charge of what happens. In real life, not so much.

The story begins with Indie, her sister and her mom moving into flat number number 33 on Hartington Drive which looks like it might have once belonged to the Adams Family. The paint is peeling of the walls, there are dead shrubs in the flower beds. The flat is not really livable to say the least but with lots of blue paint and love it soon starts to feel like home.

Things start to turn normal after a while, Indigo’s mom gets a job, Indigo gets her best friend Jo back, she is selected to play the main lead in the school play and even Mrs Green, their grumpy neighbour starts to seem nice but like in most books things don’t stay normal for long. Soon the reason why they moved or rather ran away from is back, knocking on their door and no amount of daydreaming is enough to escape the nightmare. ( I know this is really brief but I didn’t wish to add any more spoilers. )

Indigo Blue made me sad, mad and happy at the same time. I absolutely loved this book. So much that I’ve read it atlist twenty times by now. I aspecially loved the end but I won’t talk about it because again, I don’t want to spoil it for anyone.

Let’s start with the protagonist, Indigo. Her character portrayal was amazing. The book just couldn’t have had a better protagonist. The supporting cast of characters were also stupendous. I do wish I could have know more about them but then again I can’t really complain because afterall they were the supporting characters.

Moving on, the book had a great plot but I wasn’t really impressed by the narrative. I feel like it lacked something. Now I am not saying it wasn’t good but I do believe it could have been better in some places. Being the avid fan of Cathy Cassidy that I am, I can’t help but expect more from her.

The not so great narrative could have easily made the book seem tedious but luckily for the book, the details intercepted it. I really loved the attention paid to the tiny details. For me, the details always make the story more believable. It’s feels like I am actually watching the story unfold rather than just reading it but too many details also make me lose interest. I am glad to say that this book had just the right amount of details.

Overall I really loved this book and I definitely recommend reading it. Now I won’t say this book was extraordinary because it was pretty ordinary but it was a good book nevertheless. A good book that I totally think you should read.


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How I got my non-bookish cousin to read a book.

It’s been more than a week since I last posted which as you know is very unlike me. I usually post every 4 to 5 days. So what happened, did I run out of books to write book reviews about? No, I did not. Then why did I not post for the past so many days? It’s because I wanted to post something other than book reviews and to do that, I needed ideas. Now ideas have a way of not showing up when needed and the fact that I had pages and pages of school work didn’t exactly help. Seriously, it’s like the school work never ends.

Me waiting for ideas to show up

Anyways the ideas still haven’t showed up but I do have something else I’ve been wanting to post for some time now.

How I got my non-bookish cousin to read a book.

Now, I am sure all of my fellow bookworms reading this blog post have a friend or two who hate reading books. Usually the only books they read are their textbooks. I’ve got a whole bunch of these awesome but non-bookish friends. I’ve also got an awesome non-bookish cousin. Now this cousin cum friend of mine paid me a visit one day about three months back and like always I started blabbering about how great books are which was enough to annoy her. Somehow the conversation led to me trying to convince her to read The Long Haul which I claimed to be filled with illustrations on every page. She didn’t buy this, me reading a book with illustrations on every page so she agreed to read the book if what I said turned out to be true. As you have probably guessed, the book indeed had illustrations on every single page. So as per the deal she had to read the book the next time she visited which was one  month after that. During the time that she stayed at our house she managed to read half the book. She has paid me many more visits after that but the book is still sitting on my shelf catching dust with the bookmark in the middle. 

What can I say? I tried my best.

And frankly it’s fine by me, I am happy that I was successful in getting her to read atlist half the book. You know what they say, something is better than nothing.

Best Friends Forever

Alice is my very best friend.

I don’t know what I’d

do without her.

Gemma and Alice have been best friends since they were born. It never seems to matter that Gemma loves football while Alice prefers drawing or that Gemma never stops talking while Alice is more likely to be listening. They share everything. Then one day Gemma finds out that there’s something Alice isn’t sharing. A secret. And when Gemma discovers what it is, she isn’t sure if she and Alice can stay Best Friends Forever. . .

πŸ§πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸš—πŸš—πŸš—πŸš—πŸš—πŸš—πŸš—πŸš—πŸš—πŸš—πŸš—πŸš—πŸš—Alice is Gemma's best friend forever.She knows Alice will still be her best friend after she moves away but will their friendship last forever or will it be lost in all the new friendships Alice will form. 

This book is one of my favorite Jaqueline Wilson books. It is also the first Jaqueline Wilson book I ever read. After reading this book I went from not knowing who she was to reading all her books I could find in the library. Throughout the book I kept hoping for Alice to move back but when she didn’t in the end, for some strange reason I was happy instead of being disappointed. It was the perfect ending, them beings best of friends even after Alice moved away really signifies how distance can’t affect friendships if you don’t let it. Overall I really loved reading this book. It’s funny, amusing, delightful, entertaining and awesome. Even my best friend has read it and she never reads books that are not her textbooks. She is like allergic them. Anyways do read this book, it’s great.

I’ll give it 4 stars. Why? Because it is one of Jaqueline Wilson’s good books but not her great books. Yup, she writes books which are even greater than this one.

The Sun Rises & Sets

“Every sunrise is an invitation for us to arise and brighten someone’s day”

Jhiess Krieg

Today’s sunrise invited me to arise and brighten your day with these beautiful pics of none other than the sunrise. I hope I succeeded in doing so. If you believe that I did then smile at the sun so as to tell him that I didn’t fail him. Hey, also see if he smiles back at you. He has a really, really, really bright smile, you’ll be able to tell.

I wish I could take credit for these fantabulous pics but sadly I am not that great at photography. But my dad is as you can probably tell from these awesome photos.

The sun only sets today to rise again tomorrow.

Five Find-Outers # The Mystery of the Pantomime Cat #Book review

Seventh book review in the Five Find-Outers blog post series.

Five Find-Outers and Dog

Set in the fictitious village of Peterswood, the children Larry, Fatty, Pip, Daisy, Bets and Buster, Fatty’s dog, encounter a mystery almost every school holiday, always solving the puzzle before Mr Goon, the unpleasant village policeman, much to his annoyance.

The Mystery of the Pantomime

A theatre safe is rifled – and the main suspect is the Pantomime Cat. Or is it his friend Zoe? The five find-outers and dog are on the track – with the help of PC Pippin, who is standing in for Mr Goon. They plant false clues to throw police off the scent and at the end like always, discover the perpetrator.

Almost all of Enid Blyton’s books end up with a satisfactory ending or rather a happy ending. After reading six books I pretty much figured that out. Then why did I keep on reading Find-Outers books despite knowing that each book was going to end up with them solving the mystery at hand. I don’t know, maybe it was  because of the great characters, the awesome storytelling or the mystery that was yet to be solved. I knew the Find-Outers were going to solve the mystery one way or the other but how was the question that always kept me going. So spoiler alert, The Five Find-Outers are going to solve this one as well but the answer to how is something worth reading the book for. This is a great book but not as great as some other books in the series. So I’ll give it a 4. I recommend you read this book. Just because it’s not as great compared to others doesn’t mean it’s not great.

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COL= Cry. Out. Loud

People believe that crying out in public is embarrassing and no one likes to be embarrassed. Crying is considered a weakness. Yet the day we first cry in a room full of strangers is celebrated each and every year of our life. I mean who doesn’t like to celebrate their birthday even if it is just about cake cutting or the birthday wishes and the gifts.. This does prove that each year we celebrate our weaknesses,as perceived by some. In fact we countdown for the day to arrive. We are made to believe that being weak is something to be ashamed of when it’s clearly not. If you don’t believe me ,at least believe the millions of people around you,who celebrate their weakness, every 12 months. So next time you want to cry, cry out loud! just like how you laugh out loud ,when you are happy. Better, try to be happy so that you never have the need to cry. But if you feel like you need to have a good cry to feel cathartic remember that there is no need to hide your tears from the world.


Book review: Ikigai

β€˜Centenarian’ A word that can only be used to adress 0.0173% of the world population.Centenarians are the people who live to see a century. There is a 99.9% percent chance that you are not centenarian but you could be one according to Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles who believe that Ikigai is the answer if […]

Book review: Ikigai

No Talking

After I read No Talking, I attempted to not talk for a whole day. But being the chatter box I am, it didn’t last very long. No surprise there, I wonder how Gandhiji used to do it. Moving on, here is the book review of the book that made me, the most talkative person in my whole family consider the idea of not talking.

No Talking

It is about the noisy fifth grade boys of Laketon Elementary school. Who challenge the equally loud fifth-grade girls to a ‘no talking’ contest. This competition turns out to be really hard. Main themes are related to Gandhi’s practice of maintaining silence for at least one day a week, accommodations made in school for an especially loud and talkative fifth-grade group of students, gender dynamics (in elementary school), and the civil disobedience those students find themselves practicing when their ‘right to remain silent’ is questioned by the school’s teachers. The contest goes on and on until they meet on the decision.

The Principal thought she was having a vision when she saw that the fifth-grade hall was so silent at lunch. The principal got angry and made the fifth graders loud, but they were quiet again. Later, she joined in the competition.

Lynsey and Dave are the team captains, Lynsey for the girls and Dave for the boys. Both teams have agreed that when teachers ask them a question, they are only allowed to say three words. Both teams have noticed a lot of ways to make noises without saying a word. Soon, it was a school contest, and the book ends with the contest ending in a tie. 

This is a great book. I absolutely loved reading it. I strongly recommend reading it. I have nothing else to say about ‘No Talking’ by Andrew Clements. It is a fantastic book with a very interesting concept. I will give it 5/5. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to miss on this one.

P.S You can gift this book to someone you wish would talk less. If any one who knows my adress is reading this, please don’t bother to send me this book. I have already read it. πŸ˜…πŸ€£

Five Find-Outers # The Mystery of the Hidden House #Book review

Sixth book review in the Five Find-Outers blog post series.

Five Find-Outers and Dog

Set in the fictitious village of Peterswood, the children Larry, Fatty, Pip, Daisy, Bets and Buster, Fatty’s dog, encounter a mystery almost every school holiday, always solving the puzzle before Mr Goon, the unpleasant village policeman, much to his annoyance.

The Mystery of the Hidden House

Pip, Bets, Larry and Daisy mistake Ernest Goon, the village policeman’s nephew, for their good friend Fatty in one of his disguises. They even call him Fatty and Bets gives him a Christmas present meant for Fatty, a notebook with his name on it. When Ern tells all this to Mr. Goon, the policeman asks the children’s parents to ban them from solving another mystery. The children then invent a fake mystery about kidnappers and robbers on Christmas Hill, hoping Ern will pass the information on to Mr. Goon. They also encourage Ern to investigate at Christmas Hill, where Larry and Pip plan to flash some lights and Fatty will hide himself to give Ern a scare. Meanwhile, Mr. Goon finds Ern’s notes about the ‘mystery’ and threatens to punish him. Mr. Goon then goes out at night to investigate the hill. Ern sets out to follow him but goes in the wrong direction, along the road to ‘Harry’s Folly’, where he witnesses some mysterious voices, footsteps and lights. He tells the Find-Outers, who don’t believe him at first, but then decide to investigate. Soon the fake mystery turns into a real one. To see how the Find-Outers solve yet another mystery, you’ll have to read the book.

This is a great book. Something that kids will definitely enjoy. I know because I did as a kid. This book really kept me wondering if Mr Goon was going to solve this one before the Find-Outers.This is definitely something that you’ll love to read if you like mystery books as much as I do.I will give it a 4.2. I definitely recommend it.There are books in the series which are just as good as this one so stay tuned to find out more about them in my next Find-Outers post which won’t be for some if you don’t like this one.

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The Phone Call # A cartoon

Drawing a cartoon strip is what I tried my hand at even though you may not find it to be even a small amount of funny. In my defence, this is the first time I’ve drawn a cartoon. So please bear with me and my not-so-funny cartoon.

What she wants to say.
What she actually says.
2 hours, 56 minutes later.

A minute wasted, I guess that’s what you must be thinking right now if you made it this far. Thank you anyway.