• Girl, 16, Charming but Insane
    Girl, 15, charming but insane. This book doesn’t describe me anymore. Am I still charming? Yes. Am I still insane? Yes. Am I still 15? No, I’m not, I’m 16. So in a year, this song will describe me.
  • You 16 yet?
    (If you are, this is for you to read, if not, why are you here? Go live you last moments as a 15 year old teen.) I know you wish you were me Fifteen, not yet sixteen Grass on the other side is always more green But that’s just what […]
  • Mumba(I)
  • The One Where I Fly and Write at the Same Time
    I’m on a plane home. It’s almost midnight, I have the window seat and a little girl is sitting in the row in front of me, crying, laughing, and crying. Now, while the little girl with her tiny ponytails and pink dress is adorable, she isn’t really letting me get […]
  • ✩ What are you reading? Yeah, you! ✩
    I’m reading ‘Gently Falls the Bakula’ by Sudha Murthy. Now, you!
    All teenagers are embarrassed by their parents but Jude feels she has more reason than most to cringe when hers are around her in public. Although she loves her Dad to bits, turning up at parents’ evening in his rhinestone-studded Elvis catsuit stretches even her loyalty to its limits. Her […]
  • A Sixer and a Surprise
    Shamik, Jay, Shankar, Ravi, Dev and Sanchit were playing cricket in their colony. Dev was bowling and Shamik was batting. Shamik’s team needed a six to win. The match was at its deciding point. Dev threw the ball and Shamik hit it with great force! It was a six that […]
  • ✦ My Farewell Speech ✦
    How many of us, present here today remember our first step here? At M&N ?What we hold are just vague memories of this roller coaster journey’s beginning. And today it all ends! Today the beginning ends only for another beginning! Another journey to begin. This journey along the M&N highway […]
  • Ranking Disney Shows | Part 1
    Austin & Ally Austin Moon gains overnight success when he performs one of Ally Dawson’s songs. But their relationship is ridden with comical situations since both have opposing personalities. Even the intro song was great. This show is that good. Bizaardvark Two best friends post entertaining videos on a website […]
  • definitions
    So the other day I was watching an episode of ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’, more specifically the ‘Wizards vs Vampires on Waverly Place’ episode and there was this scene where Justin tells Juliet the definition of the word ‘definition’, after which she asks him the definition of the word ‘word’. […]