• Book Haul 🙂
    *This post was originally supposed to be a birthday book haul but then I got really busy studying for my second formative exam then for my pre boards (which btw just got over today) and I completely forgot that I was supposed to post a birthday book haul post before, I don’t know, 1 ½ […]
  • Ugly=Extremely Beautiful
    Ugly is defined as something that is not beautiful. That means something ugly is not beautiful but extremely beautiful. Beautiful and extremely beautiful are two very different things. Some people are kind enough to think beautiful is too small a word to describe your inner beauty so they use the word ugly to tell you […]
  • Books from My Sister’s Bookshelf I’ve Borrowed, Read and Loved
    How many of you borrow things from your siblings? By borrowing, I mean not returning the thing that you borrowed until your sibling demands to have it back. Well, I have an elder sister and I ‘borrow’ things from her all the time. By stuff, I mean books and accessories, more specifically earrings. I love […]
  • The Sunshine Blogger Award #2
    Thank you so much for nominating me @Pavithra. If you don’t know who Pavithra is, she’s a blogger who’s obsessed with western music and K-pop, loves to read books, play with pets and binge-watch her favourite series. She’s an awesome person with an awesome blog so go follow her!! RULES Thank the blogger who nominated […]
    My twin brother and I were sitting at the dining table opening our birthday gifts. All the guests had already left and we were both very excited to see what gifts we had received. My brother unwrapped his gifts to find cars and superhero toys while I unwrapped mine to find dolls and kitchen sets. […]
  • 15 Weird Facts About Me on My 15th Birthday
    Fifteen years back, on this day a weird, happy soul was born. That weird, happy soul is me. You probably already got that from the title.  It’s my birthday today and I want to post something on here so that I have something to remember my 15th birthday by but I’ve got nothing.  It’s so […]
  • The Lottie Project|Book Review
    The Lottie Project is a children’s novel by English author Jacqueline Wilson. It is illustrated by Nick Sharratt. The book is different from most Jacqueline Wilson books, as they are mostly told by characters who are not popular in school and find it hard to make friends. Charlotte Alice Katherine Enright (who prefers to be called Charlie) is a […]
  • How I got my non-bookish cousin to read half a book.
    It’s been more than a week since I last posted which as you know is very unlike me. I usually post every 4 to 5 days. So what happened, did I run out of books to write book reviews about? No, I did not. Then why did I not post for the past so many […]
  • Poems I contributed to the school newsletter
    My school used to publish a monthly newsletter called Echo. It used to incorporate some 3 to 4 printed pages of daily news, competition winners, riddles, jokes, school events, articles and poems.                                 Every month, the newsletter used to be pinned outside the staffroom on a green bulletin board. Not many used to read the newsletter, […]
  • Women’s Equality Day
    Earlier women were treated unequal to men. They were not allowed to study much and so could not get higher posts in the offices. In today’s world women’s right to dignity, respect and equality, across all aspects of public and personal life is given importance. In India women are treated differently in different states. In […]
  • Luck & Key
    Success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions. This is the definition of luck Google provides us with. If you are careful enough reading this sentence then you will understand the word apparently suggests that Google doesn’t believe in luck. But we are not Google, we do not possess vast […]
  • GIF-y ❤ Tag
    Thank you so much for nominating me Betty!! I had a great time doing this tag. Betty has a wonderful blog called The Box Of Wonder! where she hosts contests, does tags and awards and writes some really great poems. So go follow her !! RULES Thank the person who tagged you and leave a […]
  • The Sunshine Blogger Award #1
    This post has been in my drafts for the longest time. I wanted the answers to be actually longer than a word this time so it took some time. ( Now that I reread my answers, I realise the answers are still short 😅 ). I hope you enjoy reading my answers just as much […]
  • Birds # Bird pics to be exact
    Living on the top floor, I get the pleasure of seeing many beautiful birds 🐦 everyday and sometimes even clicking their photos. Today I heard some birds chirping outside my window and I thought that maybe I should make a blog post about them. Afterall, I have thousands of bird photos. So then I spent […]