The Night๐ŸŒœDiary #book review & #Vintage car rally

To me it doesn’t usually matter if I own the book or not as long as I get to read it but I dearly wish I owned a copy of The Night Diary. Who wouldnโ€™t? This is the greatest book I have read this year and to think I might have had a copy of my own, had I not been foolish enough to judge a book by it’s cover. At the time I thought a book set in a historical setting would be um.. historical and I am not a great fan of history so I let my sister buy it instead. I find history boring at times but not as boring as having nothing to read so I borrowed the book from my sister. After reading one page I just couldn’t stop reading and ended up finishing the whole book in 3 hours. After reading the night diary, I realised that there’s a big difference between reading history and living history. Reading history is what we do during history period. This book by Veera Hiranandani made me feel like I was living history, not just reading it.

The Night Diary: Book blurb

Blurb chosen by Veera Hiranandani

On the eve of her twelfth birthday, Nisha receives a journal-a place to record the thoughts she can never seem to say aloud as she starts to see the world through older eyes.

But it’s not just Nisha who is changing. She doesn’t even recognize her country anymore.

It’s 1947, and India, newly freed from British rule, is being divided into two countries: Pakistan and India. Many people are killed crossing borders as tensions among Hindus, Muslim, Sikhs, and others flare. Nisha doesn’t know which side she’s supposed to be on or why she has to choose. After losing her mother, who died giving birth, she can’t imagine losing her homeland, too.

Mama was Muslim, but now she’s gone. Papa is Hindu, and says it’s no longer safe for them to stay in Pakistan. And so Nisha and her family become refugees and embark on a dangerous journey by train and by foot to reach their new home on the other side of the border.

Told through the letters Nisha writes to her mother in her journal, The Night Diary is a story of one of the most dramatic moments in history and of one girl’s search for home, her own identity, and a hopeful

The Night Diary: Book review

I know a book review is supposed to tell you about the good and the bad there is in a book but I found no fault in The Night Diary I can tell you about. It felt like I was writing praise for the book not a book review.

Veera Hiranandani storytelling is exquisite and compelling. It felt like Nisha was an actual 12 year old girl trying to make sense of the world. It felt she was actually asking the questions why freedom from the British meant separation? Why she was being separated from her loved ones? Who wanted thousands of people to die? The story is written in the best words possible. On the whole “The writing was captivating, the characters felt real I cared about them, I just couldn’t put the book down that’s how great the book was”. That’s all, I have no words left in me to describe how great this book is. If you have not read it yet, you must. I promise you’ll thank me later.

Vintage Car Rally

I went to a vintage car rally with my dad this week. His two cars and one bus was being showcased. If you couldn’t already tell, he is big fan of vintage cars but I am not. So he was very surprised when I said I wanted to accompany him. I usually wouldnโ€™t have even considered going to a car rally but I was tired of spending my Sundays at home. So I decided to accompany him. I must say, I am glad that I did, it was a great experience.


13 thoughts on “The Night๐ŸŒœDiary #book review & #Vintage car rally

  1. The night diary seems like a great book! The partition was a very messy period and led to the biggest mass migration in history. Many people died due to the consequences. The vintage car rally seems wonderful! Amazing cars! Iโ€™m sure you enjoyed even if itโ€™s not your cup of tea. Well done on another lovely, amazing post! ๐Ÿค

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      1. Dodge wc 51 (1942 model),
        Dodge Powerwagone (1954 model),
        Gpw jeep (Low Bonet) 1942 model,
        Toyota Landcruser FJ25 (1938 model),
        Ford Truck V8 Petrol (1934 model)
        and many more.

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  2. Thank you.We also own British cars among which we have Austin 10 (1930), Morris minor woody 1967 and around six landrovers like series 1,2,3 and series 2 and 3 single cab pickups.


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